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Welcome to Immune Response…..the synergistically enhanced Immunomodulation Formula

Due to a combination of environmental factors, the incidence of all chronic diseases, especially cardiovascular and cancer is escalating. Simply put, disease rates increase when the immune system is suppressed by diminishing the immune response.

The immune system plays an important role in prevention of disease by recognizing, and destroying erroneous or pathogenic cells. The use of natural compounds to enable the body to mount a viable attack in the treatment of disease is growing throughout the world. Most of these compounds have low toxicity and benefit the whole patient.

A number of natural compounds have been shown to possess properties that are useful in the restoration of immune system function bringing about the body being able to attack systemic invaders or aberrant cells. Compounds that exhibit properties that either interrupt or inhibit the pathogenic or aberrant cell growth events would be the most desirable and effective to use.

The synergistic effects of the formulation enhance the individual benefits of each component to bring about significant impact. The liposomal delivery system of Immune Response ensures a higher cellular uptake and a prolonged circulation of physiologically active phyto-nutrients, maximizing the actions of these potent compounds.

The natural compounds in Immune Response make it the most effective immunomodulator available allowing the body to make the best effort to restore homeostasis.